Designing an employee background screening report solution that will meet your needs is a simple process. At DFA Solutions, we take a personalized approach to working with you beyond just the online portal we provide. Here’s an overview to help you understand how we help you to set up and manage a background check system that supports your hiring process.

Step 1: Initial Needs Analysis and Proposal Submission

After you submit your information on the “Start Now” page, we contact you directly by phone to discuss the following:

  • Your screening reports requirements
  • Your current screening practices for prospective employees, new hires, tenants, volunteers, etc.
  • Your anticipated volume of screening reports
  • Your budget

We always have a conversation to ensure our proposed solution meets your needs. Based on this information, we provide a proposal to search the applicable databases and combinations of verifications and fields and provide the right screening reports to support your hiring and other initiatives.

Step 2: Proposal Acceptance and System Set-up

Once you have accepted the proposal, we add you to our system and create an account with the appropriate background searches and reports. Once you are set up, you are able to conduct your background checks as needed. To this point, your access to the site is free; you only pay when you conduct a search or run screening reports for an individual or group of applicants, depending on your hiring or rental process. Growing companies and human resources departments that have their background check system set up and ready to go are able to more efficiently screen and make faster decisions. This can mean all the difference in obtaining and retaining the best new hires and tenants.

Step 3: Training

Now that you have the ability to screen individuals, we want to ensure you know how to use the screening report system by providing a 15-minute training session. While it is easy to use, our clients appreciate this personal touch. For business owners, human resources professionals, and other stakeholders in the Phoenix metro area, we can conduct the training session in person. We train businesses all over the U.S., however, via phone and web, as well as provide all clients with a video they can access as a refresher. There is no additional charge for this training session; we consider it an investment in your successful use of our background check system.

Step 4: Final Compliance Items (If Needed)

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) sets standards for employment screening and privacy considerations, with substantial penalties for non-compliance. These standards include various disclosures you must make before, during, and after the background check has been performed. Our automated searches adhere strictly to FCRA guidelines and we provide you with checklists of your responsibilities in implementing those searches, if required, based on which background screening report services you are using.

If you are receiving Consumer Reports at your place of business, an on-site inspection is required under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to ensure the information provided will be secure and not prone to identity theft or piracy before you can search the databases. Either a DFA Solutions employee or an authorized field associate will set up a meeting with you to photograph the premises and ask questions about how the credit reports or other related documents will be received and maintained. Our visit is solely focused on this inspection per industry regulations.

Step 5: Screen Your Prospective Employees and Tenants

You’re now ready to run screening reports and conduct screening online whenever the need arises.

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