DFA Solutions provides access to billions of records through hundreds of thousands of databases in 50 states and 250 countries so that you can screen thoroughly and make appropriate hiring or renting decisions based on a thorough background check, regardless of your industry. Based on your needs, we customize our recommended industry approaches to allow you or your human resources department, office manager, or support professionals access to our web-based background check software.

We serve the nation with the capability of searching 130 million databases. In our home state of Arizona, we see a highly transient and mobile population, so we are proud to offer multi-state and multi-country searches to provide you with the whole picture. Public records searches (especially the free kind) are not good enough for employers and professionals who wish to thoroughly screen for accurate results and protect their property, assets, reputations, and time.

DFA Solutions prides itself on offering a background check solution that is:

  • Fast: We offer one-click searches and electronic form submission to expedite your access to information. While speed of delivery depends on the nature of the search, such as when we are personally checking references, we strive to provide you with the results to support your hiring or renting decisions as soon as possible.
  • Accurate and Ethical: We are FCRA compliant, which means we do not provide stale data (over 10 years old). We also make sure the appropriate disclosure and release forms are completed and a professional certified background screener manually checks for compliance and accuracy.
  • Personal: We realize using screening software as a first line of defense is important, but we also bring a personal aspect to our service. We are available to you should you have any questions and we are happy to discuss any current trends in the screening industry. We care most about minimizing your risk and allowing you to be prepared so that you won’t be wishing later that you had known details about someone’s background.
  • Cost-effective: You pay for what you need, when you need it. There are no subscription fees, only the cost when ordering your reports and searches.
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