Education and Child Care

The safety of schools in the U.S. and the students who attend them is of the utmost importance. The educational sector is responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the nation’s children and DFA Solutions helps them do so by providing information about prospective employees and staff that will ensure they are well-suited to the environment. The level of education we support includes not only the elementary and secondary schools we commonly think of when maintaining a secure environment, but also colleges and universities; all of which can suffer from a dangerous combination of impressionable, vulnerable students and employees who may not be suited to work in close quarters with them. We also verify that educators hold professional licenses for quality assurance. School administrators must be able to stand behind their hires, for these reasons as well as the continuity and reputation of their educational institutions.

Similarly, hiring managers for pre-school, day care, and other childcare facilities (whether independently owned and operated or as part of an in-house operation, such as gyms, etc.) have a responsibility to parents to screen prospective employees carefully to ensure child safety and minimize risk.

Domestic Services, Hotel and Hospitality, including Gaming

When hiring the staff who care for our homes, meals, and environs, companies must take many things into consideration, including the protection of their employees and those whom they serve, as well as the reputation of the organization that owners have spent their blood, sweat, and tears building. If a business is no longer trustworthy, customers have no reason to hire them or to allow their children or other family members and loved ones to become clients either. Even if one person is hurt by an employee who has not been screened, that is one too many. Even if the damage done only takes a few seconds, the consequences the victim suffers as a result are not so quickly forgotten. Trust once lost is not easily regained. Morally and ethically, companies need to ensure those who come into contact with their employees uphold the utmost standards. The legal ramifications that can occur based on a breach of trust are far and wide, especially when talking about monetary reparation. Where worries about money are of vital concern, companies have had to close their doors due to the unscrupulous activities of just one employee.

Since money is at the heart of the gaming industry and casinos can be found all over the country, not just Las Vegas and Atlantic City, but also here in Arizona, the potential for theft is high. In any business or industry where there is a considerable amount of cash that changes hands, the temptation for criminal activity is great. Casinos must not only weed out potential employees with a criminal background check, but also recognize those who have demonstrated previous risky behavior or relevant financial worries that might further tempt them. The potential for serious problems is infinite if you are entrusting any individual with the tens of thousands of dollars that are within a casino employee’s reach. This type of big business includes all types of casinos in the U.S., including 19 states that have some type of casino or card club and 28 states that have Native American gaming enterprises on Indian reservations or on tribal land.

Financial Services

The financial industry is especially vulnerable to criminal activities perpetrated by untrustworthy employees. Having access to vast amounts of cash, individuals’ credit information, and financial databases means the temptation to steal is extremely high. Hiring reliable and respectable employees who will securely handle the financial transactions of their customers is imperative. The banking and mortgage industries are still reeling from recent scandals and customers are wary of placing their money anywhere close to any organization that cannot guarantee the safety of their funds. Due to increasingly strict regulations in the financial industry, the mismanagement and embezzlement of investor and customer funds is of vital concern. Homeland Security and other agencies are also determined that American dollars do not get channeled into terrorist organizations, so additional regulations have been enacted. It is due to these reasons that a thorough criminal background check is necessary.

The Financial Services Packages focus on security and fiscal responsibility in an applicant’s past. They also emphasize compliance with FFIEC and FDIC requirements, as well as other federal regulations.


We entrust our health, as well as our lives, to health care professionals. Without trustworthy employees, the physical safety and health of patients are compromised. Few other places present the opportunity for unscrupulous employees to access the most intimate details of our personal and financial lives. The potential for negligence, abuse, criminal action, and financial misconduct is extraordinary, so it is vital for employers in the health care field to have a reliable criminal background check system for ensuring the dependability of new hires.

Patient rights legislation has also imposed stringent controls on patient privacy and data security, so compliance with HIPAA policies and procedures is an added sense of responsibility to employers. The Health Care Search Packages are designed to give you peace of mind about the employees to whom you grant access to data systems, buildings and secure areas, drug storage, expensive equipment, and most of all, vulnerable patients.


The retail industry is also extremely vulnerable to the dangers poorly vetted employees pose. High employee turnover can easily lead to misappropriations of merchandise and money in the workplace. The cost of continuing to train new employees who have not been screened is a waste of resources. Since employees have access to cash, inventory, and customer financial information and are often held responsible for the safety of customers and the security of retail or warehouse locations, it’s important to hire the right associates. Because the temptation for fraud and theft is high, careful screening is necessary to reduce shrinkage and ensure workplace security and safety.

Our Retail Industry Packages thoroughly search multiple databases for information that reveals potential hazards in an applicant’s past. HR managers and Store Directors will want to screen new hires as employee problems often fall under their purview. On behalf of customers and corporate leadership, showing the initiative to screen potential employees can make or break a store.

Real Estate/Rentals (Tenant Screening for Landlords)

The economic challenges across the nation have created additional risk for landlords and residential property managers. Many tenants have lost their jobs and their income and are often unable to meet their contractual agreements. Turnover in rental units has increased rapidly and those who have lost homes through mortgage problems are looking for new places to live.

Evidence shows that a tenant’s previous rental experience is an accurate predictor of their future rental behavior. In order to ensure continuity of revenue and minimize the hassles involved in the tenant selection process, screening potential tenants also protects the owner’s investment.

The Landlord/Tenant Screening Package takes that raw data and analyzes it, using sophisticated search logic. This results in a detailed and easy-to-read report that allows landlords to make informed decisions about potential tenants. And since decisions must often be made quickly by landlords, clients are provided information garnered from instant eviction record searches that access records either locally (in a single state) or across the nation.

Our standard Landlord/Tenant Package includes credit, criminal background check and residence histories, plus Instant Eviction searches.


There is a particular importance on safety and security in the transportation industry, since the well-being and the lives of countless people depend on the reliability and competence of the people who operate and maintain not only our highways, but also our rail systems, seaways, and airways, and even the pipelines that carry oil and natural gas. Because of this, the federal government closely regulates the standards of workplace safety for this industry.

Preventing accidents relates directly to the safety of individuals on a daily basis, especially in the trucking industry. Companies should not only want to reduce risk associated with loss of inventory due to accidents and theft, but should also be vitally concerned when hazardous, flammable, and toxic materials are being hauled. The loss of company assets needs to be avoided, but so does the potential for accidents that can become a larger, more explosive problem than the loss of inventory.

If your company conducts business in the transportation industry, you are concerned with reliable operation and with adhering to the regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation and other federal and state regulatory agencies. We continually monitor new legislation and regulations, ensuring our clients are employing the appropriate screening technology and databases to maintain compliance.

As important as avoiding fines and restrictions from regulatory violations is, avoiding potential litigation, fraud, theft, and workplace violence is also a key concern. A transportation screening solution shows that you exercise due diligence and caution, which aids in insulating your company from potential liability risks.

Non-Profit (including Volunteer Screening)

The impact of the reputation on donors, the populations non-profits serve, their staff, and board members who may be prominent in the community and who have invested in non-profit organizations can be far reaching and disastrous if not addressed prior to hiring employees or signing up volunteers. Not-for-profit organizations need to think in terms of protecting themselves from dishonest or fraudulent applicants in order to uphold a standard of service and trust.

Non-profits don’t want to jeopardize their ability to raise funds by making themselves vulnerable to exploitation by deceptive individuals or with a volunteer- or employment-related scandal. Not only are their own funds at risk, but the individuals and agencies they serve are often in positions of vulnerability. The hard work of those involved in establishing and maintaining a non-profit organization deserves safeguarding. One disastrous incident can endanger an organization’s reputation for trustworthiness.

Our Non-Profit Packages can help protect your organization and your reputation.

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